Promotional Solar Products

Light, the source of life, the endless energy, is being utilized in these 100% energy efficient and dazzling items.  From tight budget, practical products; to artistic, executive-style masterpieces,  you shall find them all here.
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Solar Helicopter

When sun's ray cast on the chopper, it almost lifts off!  Attractive and affordable promotion.


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Solar Windmill

Charming, attractive spinning blades, brass.

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Solar Holographic Sunflower

Unique pattern of hologram spins on brass pedestals.  Fun gift.


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Solar Silent Symphony

Place this dazzling gift by the window, and watch the gentle moving rainbow colors beautify the room.

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Executive Solar Gold Mine

Versatile model for gold, silver or coal mine.  Detailed action of mineral extraction.  Genuine oak wood, brass & copper.  No minimum required.


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Executive Solar Oil Derrick

Grace of a detailed oil derrick, along with smooth movement of oil pump.  A masterpiece.  Genuine oak wood, brass & copper.  No minimum required.


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Executive Solar Oil Pump

Popular model.  The fuel of industry comes alive in this powered art form.  Genuine oak wood, brass & copper.  No minimum required.


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Executive Solar Plane

Perfect gift for passing the first milestone, the big accomplishment.  Genuine oak wood, brass & copper.  No minimum required.


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Executive Solar Windmill

Memories of a bygone era in rural America comes alive with this beautiful, detailed windmill.  Genuine oak wood.  No minimum required.

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