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Here are only some of our client's testimonials, we receive constantly.  Per their own request and/or to protect from solicitation, contacts are removed.  All comments are in writing, on file and were made via email or fax. Suffice to say, our clients include Sony, Xerox, NASA, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Caterpillar, Mercedes Benz, among many other valued large, medium, small, and international companies:

" offers exceptional customer service. I have high expectations when it comes to how I think customers should be treated. actually EXCEEDED my expectations. Their pricing is fair, their product selection is amazing and their response time is IMPECABLE! I will never deal with another promotional product company other than

"... it was magnificent, don't be surprised to be asked for another order soon!"

"Buttons were a major hit. Spread like a virus on the show floor. Had people lining up to get one. Generated over 1500 leads for us. Thanks for your great service!"

"Thanks so much for your attentiveness."

"... the committee met last night and everyone was very pleased with your work ..."

"... beauty, great service, thanks!"

"... once again, it's hard to tell you exactly how HUGE a hit these items were. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you on our (next) project!"

"I am very impressed with your creativity and timely responses to all of my questions."

"... because of the high degree of customer service you exhibited, I will be sure to consider you for future orders."

"... You've been very helpful particularly for our tight deadline, thanks so much!"

"Professionals such as yourself in this business are few and far between!"

"Thanks for all the extra informatiotn and your help, you're great!"

"...They are here, and look fabulous! Thanks so much!"

"...Thanks for the great service, payment is in process."

"Thank you for your "expedient help"!!! We appreciate your quick response and dedicated "customer service". That is what the advertising business is all about--right!!!"

"The balls came and they're greaat! Thanks for all your help."

"It looks fantastic! Thank you so much!"

"Thank you for the quick handling of the order. The order arrived on time. Everyone likes the bulletin boards."

"I just received the mouse pads. Nice Job we're pleased. Thank you for your attention in this matter. We will consider your company for future printing needs."

"Just wanted to drop a line of thanks for all your effort and patience in getting the calculators to us. I am very impressed with the quality of the screen printing - the logo came out clearer than expected, even the small type."

"These are great... and the customers are loving them!"

"Thank you so much, Michael. We did receive the pens and they look fantastic!"

"Thanks the job was a big hit."

"Thanks for always taking such good care of things for us.

"I wanted to let you know that I am moving to Florida in a couple of weeks, so I will no longer be ordering the giveaways for [omitted]. HOWEVER, wherever I end up working down there, I will definately use your company to get all of my supplies. Thanks so much for everything."

"You will be hearing from me again soon, you have been great!"

"We did receive them both and they look GREAT!!!! Thanks so much for everything. I have given Vickie all of your information so that she can call you when she is ready to order more giveaways."

"Hi Michael, just wanted to let you know we received the mousepads and they look great!!

"Your hard work really paid off. I can't wait to give them out tomorrow. I hope everyone will be as excited as I am."

"Thanks, it was very nice doing business with your company. If you have any updates or newsletters that go out to your customers please add our name to your list."

"... the laser pens look great, thanks a lot!"

"Thanks, it was very nice doing business with your company. If you have any updates or newsletters that go out to your customers please add our name to your list."

"The award in New Orleans was magnificent! Dr. [omitted] loved it, and it brought a tear to the eye of the recipient!

"... I am very pleased with both the product and service. I think I may have some businesses interested in ordering from you in the future"

"You guys are awesome! We want to go ahead and place that order for the mouse pads."

"They are absolutely perfect. Thank you,"

"... got them yesterday! Thank You, they are perfect!"

"The pens were received and looked wonderful."

"We were very happy with our order and the service we received from your company."

"Thank you. We received everything--looks great! I appreciate all of your help with this."

"Order arrived safely, just as described. Thanks so much. These are very nice for the price."

"It is a pleasure to do business with you. Very truly yours..."

"I especially want to compliment you on delivering the buttons on time, just as you had promised."

"Thank you so much to you and the person in the art department! What a refreshing event this is working with you!"

"Thanks for your great service. I will recommend you to anyone who is in need of products you produce."

"I wanted to write to thank you and your company for the work you did on our button. The quality was excellent and the button was a huge hit with our customers."

"Thanks again for your support. I'll remember your company the next time I have a need for promotional materials."

"I received today. They look really nice thanks..."

"You guys are the best and the product always looks great!"

"The balls look great! ... Thanks for all your help!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely satisfied with my order. The cards were better than I had expected and I will be sure to come back to your company when I need to order more cards and promotional items."

"Well noted! Thank you so much for your help Mike! I really appreciate it... This is great!! Talk about customer service! Also well noted! :-)"

"You cannot imagine how happy we are of receiving the rulers "before" the shipping date. Congratulations for your efficiency!!!"

"It has been a pleasure to work with you."

"I just got the cards... they are wonderful! Thank you so much for doing such a great job! I look forward to working with you again!"

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU - the umbrellas are beautiful! Really a great job and a BIG hit! Thank you again"

"Please get back to me. AND PLEASE pass the word on that I am thrilled with the product! Nice job"

"Received our order (the flashlights). I am very pleased both with the product and your service. Thanks so much,"

"Thank you ! It LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Have received the watches. Excellent work, thank you."

"We have received as ordered and they look great! Thank you."

"We received the order yesterday, and they look great! We all had fun playing with them. Please go ahead and close out the order, complete as is."

"Thanks again for your help & suggestions. You�re the best!"

"Just wanted to let you know that we have received the radios and are very, very happy with them."

"Awsome! Thks for your great service. Pleasure doing business with you!"

"I wanted to let you know what a great company you are! Everything went so easy and smooth, especially with such a short deadline. I really appreciated working with Mike, he made the process so easy."

"Your company stayed on top of things, I never had to check and make sure things were getting done. Your company stayed in touch with what was going on."

"We have recieved them and are very pleased with the product. Thank you for your quick response to our needs."

"You guys are awesome--I never expected to see artwork so fast. Thank you."

"We received our order today. We are so impressed! They turned out fantastic and ya'll are so prompt. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We look forward to doing business with you again."

"Got them love them�Thanks so much"

"Very pleased with order. Thank you."

"We love your rulers! We would love to give your rulers as hand-outs to announce the name change to the public."

"GOT THE CARDS........................LOOK "FABULOUS"....... Thanks a million...........We'll do some business"

"They look great. Thanks for all of your help!"

"First I want to thank you for getting the decanter set out so fast. It even got there early. The lady who received it was thrilled. It's very lovely."

"Umbrellas and binoculars look great! Will order again in the future."

"We received the pendant necklaces! Love them!"

"We got them today. Great job. Thank you for your great service."

"I appreciate all your help and will certainly contact you in the future for our needs."

"Thanks a bunch - you are the best- Have a great weekend!"

"The pens were a huge hit, both internally and externally. Thanks so much for the great suggestion! I will likely need to order more, but will let you know for sure within the next few weeks."

"I just received a shipment of 5 boxes of umbrellas here in Dallas and they are great! I hadn't seen them yet - thanks so much!
I didn't expect them so early!"

"Just wanted to let you know how much we loved our blinking memo holders! They were a big hit at the trade show. One woman said they were �the best give-aways at the whole show�. Thanks so much for all your help. It was a pleasure working with your company."

"Thanks, you are a true professional!!!!  speak to you soon."

"My corporate headquarters was impressed with the lasers and I will be placing a larger order shortly. I will talk to you about this at a later date."

"Oh�You ARE The Best! Thank you��.."

"... Also Wed morning delivery would be ideal... You are the best..."

"Everybody loves them. Thanks for doing such a nice job for us. We�ll certainly be using you again in the future."

"We just received the pens, and they are great! Thank you for your promptness.  Please let me know what we�ll have to do when we are ready to re-order, because I�m sure we will."

"Thank You, I received the watches and they look great. I cant wait to see our members reaction when they receive them."

"Great thanks so much for such great service!"


"We got these in on Monday and they look GREAT! thank you very much for getting them here on time for our conference. We really appreciate it!"

"The cards arrived this morning, and they look great."

"You have been very helpful! Thank you!"

"I received today. They look really nice thanks"

"The calculator's look great!"

"these look great, we are very pleased. Thanks!"

" I received these today, thank you for taking such good care of us!"


"Thanks for the great service,..."

"Lydia says they look great."

"We did receive them both and they look GREAT!!!! Thanks so much for everything. I have given Vickie all of your information so that she can call you when she is ready to order more giveaways."

"thanks you are the best!"

"Well done."

" �em this morning! They look great�"

"I received them. They look great. Very Cool. thank you. We will return :)"


"If anyone ever needs promotional items I will gladly refer them to you. Thanks again."

"That�s marvelous; thank you!... We are big fans, no question."

"I received the lanyards, they look great!"

"just got it today and i am extremely satisfied, thanks again"

"yes please do this order and thanks for the speed in getting it to me...You are the best.."

"You are amazing"

"Thank you so much Mikey. You Rock!!!!"

"Thanks for your help, they look great!

"Looked great! I�ll call you asap."

"Awesome - you guys rock!"

"You did a great job and I would recommend you to anyone. We actually still have some of the magnifying card, but when another need arises will definitely give you a call."

"Boy you have AMAZING customer service."

"Yup, you are VERY thorough. Thank goodness that the next time will be easier for us. I'm excited to see the real thing."

"Thank You, I received the watched and they look great."

"It looked perfect as we have expected. Thanks again!"

"I received the shipment. It came out great! Thanks much. It was a pleasure to work with you."

"Thank you! They got here in great shape and in perfect time and were a big hit with our sales reps. We will be back! :-)"

"Thank you for the windmills. They look great!"

"Thanks Mike. You�re the best."

"We love the umbrellas. Thanks for a great job!"

"Tom just emailed to say he got the buttons � thank you!!! Made it there in plenty of time.  As always, I appreciate your hustle!"

"Got it and they look AMAZING!!!!!  Thanks so much :)"

"You're the best Mike!"

"They did arrive yesterday and thank you � everyone at the Littleton office said they look great! Thanks again for your help!"

"thanks so much for your efficiency!!!"

"Thank you. We did receive the pens. They were perfect. I appreciated all of your help with this."

"Perfect!! Thank you! I forgot I sent that to you. I look forward to getting them."

"Thanks for all your help with the never ending image changing button project. The product arrived today and exceeded our expectations. We will certainly use your company again if we are ever in the market for promotional materials. Thanks for all your assistance!"

"Hi Mike � I received the round badges, they look wonderful! Thanks."

"Hi Michael, these items just arrived and they look GREAT! Thanks for your help,"

"... just to let you know the USB drives have arrived, they look great!"

"The watches were a big hit at our 50th Anniversary of NCCC Celebration. Thank you very much for all your help."

"I received the cards today and they look great! Thanks again for all your help."

"... the order has arrived and it looks great! Once again thank you for your help. Have a great day!"

"Thanks Mike, the candy bars are here and they look great! I appreciate your help in getting these to us on time."

"I Received the cards by Fed Ex yesterday. They are absolutely perfect. Thank you,"

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